Suggestions to Improve Testing.

1) List down the modules to be tested.This include functional and non-functional testing

2) List down the functionality that you will not test either because of incompleteness of module, data dependency or hardware limitations etc.

3) Pl. get formal approval from your manager for the activities/schedule that you are planning.This will endorse your deliverables and validity.

4) Make sure that you have the defect tracking system in place with severity norms and owners defined.The defect logging format should be approved by your manager.

5) Make sure that you have set of data that will help you in testing various test scenarios.If data is not available, pl. check how you can generate the same.

6) Make sure that you take daily back-up of your test logs and discuss progress and issues with your management team every day.

7) Keep talking with developers. That will help you to increase product understanding.

8) Release notes from Developer team to Testing team will be entry criteria to start testing activity. The release notes will include information like the defects fixed in the build, any work around ,features not addressed.

9) Multiple iterations of testing will bring up new defects. Periodically update the test cases checking the possibility of new scenerios.Once the defect probability starts reducing in further testing iterations, this may be the indication of product getting stable. Introducing multiple testing heads will also help to filter new defects.

10)Try to set the processes with help of your manager. Eventually that will be helpful in long run.

process defect and shipment defect

If a defect is detected in testing department while testing the application is called in process defect.

After release the software if a client finds the bug in their environment (production environment) then it is called as post shipment defect.

Balanced QA team

Balanced team.. may be a traditional management term. However, I am trying to understand the term in quality assurance perspective. In my experience most of the QA teams do not consist of the right set of skill combinations required to get the maximum out of available resources. First I believe the following members should be included in a balanced QA team.

  • Domain/subject matter expert
  • Test automation expert
  • Deployment/build expert
  • Security testing expert
  • Performance testing expert
  • Database technology expert
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I have came across this nice blog post written by Charitha. I totally agree with what he says in the post .

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