I missed a BUG

Most of the testers/QAs are concern about external issues that they have missed. Carrier wise external issues are not good for testers profile inside their organization. More external issues may destroy the testers reputation within organization. On the other hand it is not fair to put 100% responsibility of external issues to testers. Why testers miss bugs?.

1.Lack of project management.
2.Not enough time to test.
3.Requirement change in last moment before releases.
4.Lack of domain knowledge.
5.Lack of QA/test resources.
6.Poor requirement specifications.
7.Limited time to acquire domain knowledge.
8.Selecting automation testing in the earlier stage of project. ( Where manually testing is required.)
9.High coupling with developers. ( testers who depends of developers to get domain/technical knowledge may influence by developers.
10.Not enough motivation towards testing. ( more open bugs, ignorance of QA team within organization, lost of existing functionalities due to new bugs, less salary.... )
11.Developers/QA/tester attitude towards bugs.

Surely, there are more to add for above reasons list, Above points can be categorized in to two.

1.Self factors
2.Organization factors.

Anyway most of the above factors caused due to lots of sub reasons. Head of the organization or middle layer management should take actions to treat the organization factors. Immediate supervisor should care about the testes self factors.

I would like to mention one of my story here. Last week I found a bug which was missed in first release of the project. Luckily that bug was found by me after the release. If external user report that bug, things may have got worse. The project is small one so it can be tested by one QA resource. “Unnecessary text” is appeared top left had corner of the screen. Actually text was an e-mail password of one of our developer. Mistakenly he has type it in JSP file . I have been testing that project around one month before the release. It is shame of me. Why I have missed this idiot UI bug? What are the precautions that I can take to eliminate this kind of bugs in future.

Main Reasons (My excuse)
1.UI theme has changed 3 days before final release. So little time to test new UI theme.

But could have found this bug If I had used JSP/HTML/CSS validation tool. Yes it is good to learn by mistakes. And it may be more than good to share that mistake with others (to learn by others mistakes)

Some of the tool that you can use for this kind of work are given below.

J2EE verifier tool – JSP validation.

I have heard that Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist going to retire from cricket due to the reason that he missed a catch. According to him what I should do?

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