Selenium core vs Selenium IDE vs Selenium RC

I got a chance to use this valuable tool which is light weighted and user friendly. It can be used by any technical or non-technical users as well. I really love this tool.

Selenium IDE is a plugin or call it an extension to Firefox, just like Firebug, Chatzilla but with a different functionality and purpose altogether. The recording mode plugin is not available for IE.

Basically Selenium IDE records its tests in HTML and then uses those tests to execute through browser. But users can covert HTML script to ruby,php,phython,C# or java by Options->Format.

But when you need them to execute the tests altogether as a test suite then follow the link change the test according the requirements and also modify different execution mechanism as required.

http://wiki. display/SIDE/ Automating+ Selenium+ IDE+tests

Selenium Core and Selenium RC are used to execute the recorded script.

If you application does not work on Firefox or if it is not intended to work on Firefox according to the requirements then its better to use Selenium Core.

Some useful resource like tutorials and downloads on the net for beginners
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Selenium_ %28software% 29


Unknown said...

Thank You....for your clear explanation.

KohinoorQA said...

This is precise information and very useful to start with. Thanks

Vineela said...

very useful basic info .. thanks !!

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